Mental Wellness Matters: A discussion on mental health issues

Just about every aspect of the last year and a half has taken a toll on our collective mental health. ABC7 dedicated a half hour of Eyewitness News to talk about it.

ABC7 hosted Mental Wellness Matters, a discussion with our panel of psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists to talk about the mental health issues that we're all trying to cope with.

Thursday is Mental Health Action Day, a day to drive the culture of mental health from awareness to action. We must take action now to meet the needs of our communities and identify opportunities to build long-term resilience. Action looks different for everyone, and Mental Health Action Day will encourage people to do what feels right for them. If you have concerns about your or someone else's mental health, please contact a medical professional or call 1-800-273-TALK(8255) for a free, confidential conversation.

For more resources on mental health, click here.
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