LAPD chief pick Michel Moore approaching job with 'open heart'

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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Michel Moore was one of three candidates for the LAPD's top job. Mayor Eric Garcetti called Moore the best choice for the position.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and his choice for Los Angeles Police Department chief took a stroll through Echo Park Tuesday afternoon.

Assistant Chief Michel Moore wanted this to happen nine years ago, but Charlie Beck was appointed chief instead. Moore admits it was a tough setback.

"It didn't seem like an opportunity at the time," Moore said. "But I put my head down and stayed true to this organization because I believe in it. I love this city. I love this organization."

Moore was one of three candidates for the LAPD's top job. Garcetti called Moore the best choice for the position.

"It was both a very difficult choice because we had three extraordinary people," said the mayor. "And an easy choice because we had three people who all would have been great chiefs, but this was one who was at least an eyeball above."

Moore is a 36-year veteran of the LAPD who worked his way up from patrol officer to being in charge of the department's patrol operations.

The 57-year-old says he's on board with the mayor's and LAPD's stances on immigration and homelessness. Moore, though, says his main goal is to earn the full engagement of every LAPD member as well as the active support of the community.

"I'm not going to do that by coming to them with a prescription," Moore said. "I need to come to them with an open heart and open ears and a willingness to step up and work together for a safer Los Angeles."

But not everyone is sold on Moore's selection as the next chief. Outside Tuesday's Los Angeles Police Commission meeting, members of the Black Lives Matter movement said Moore is the worst choice of the three candidates.

"We are appalled that he would appoint a police chief who himself according to the L.A. Times pulled the trigger in two fatal police shootings when he was a beat cop," said Melina Abdullah, an organizer for Black Lives Matter.

Moore was involved in two shootings during his career, but only one was fatal.

In that 1986 case, Moore was working security off-duty at Topanga Plaza when a man shot and killed his wife with a rifle. When the man pointed the weapon at Moore, Moore shot and killed him. He was later awarded the LAPD's Medal of Valor for his actions.

It is now up to the Los Angeles City Council to confirm Moore as the new chief.