Michelle feels ignored on this week's group date on 'The Bachelorette' as a new villain emerges

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Michelle feels ignored on this week's group date on 'The Bachelorette'
Michelle feels ignored by the men on this week's group date on 'The Bachelorette.'

NEW YORK -- The drama continued on this week's "The Bachelorette" with Chris S. emerging as the new villain after Jamie's departure. Michelle said she was a bit shaken learning how two-faced Jamie turned out to be in their relationship. She said she is going to push herself to be vulnerable but she's going to address the red flags she sees going forward right away. Kaitlyn told her to embrace the fresh energy of a new week.

Martin's One-on-One Date

Tayshia, meantime, let the guys know that there would be two one-on-one dates this week and just one group date. She dropped off the first date card which read, "Martin, let's get love back on track." Martin got the one-on-one! I guess she really liked what she saw from him on last week's "Top Gun" group date. I'm guessing she's really into that boyband look - his frosted hair is very late 90s, early 00s. Michelle said that she knew Jamie and Martin were close, and she wants to make sure he's not a dirty dog too. Oh, so it's not just love she's trying to figure out, hopefully, his motives are pure.

Michelle came blazing down a track straight toward Martin. She was the passenger. It was incredible! They got to do drifting and learn a lot of tricks at the BMW performance center. "I want to find my ride or die," Michelle said. "Let's see if we're on the right track." Oh, the puns! After they were trained, they competed to see who was the better drifter. And in true "Bachelor Nation" fashion - there was a hot tub waiting for them once they were done racing. They sipped champagne and Martin said he felt like "the luckiest man ever." Then, Martin sort of questioned Michelle's decision to cut Jamie loose. Michelle wasn't sure what to make of his comments. She did not leave that conversation with a good feeling.

Later, they sat down to dinner and it seems like if Martin gets this rose, it will be a small miracle. Michelle said she doesn't trust Martin completely and that's a huge problem. She was upfront in telling him that she felt shut down by what he said. Martin said that when he gives his opinion, sometimes he's blunt. He said he didn't mean for it to be condescending and he's cool with being called out on things. He also vowed to her that he's working on his communication. Then he launched into a conversation about his parents' relationship and how his father was a bad communicator. Michelle seemed like she was starting to come around to him again. After talking a LOT about surrendering to emotions, Michelle did offer Martin the group date rose. It's a miracle! They celebrated by looking at the stars.

Group Date

The group date card arrived and it read, "Will, Chris S., Casey, Chris G., Leroy, Rodney, Olu, Brandon, Clayton, Joe, Romeo, Nayte, surrender to love." Nayte said that he didn't mind not being on the group date because it was just a matter of time for him to get a one-on-one. Chris S. found him to be very cocky. That meant Rick was getting the other one-on-one date! He was elated.

There was a knock at the door, Nayte opened it and there were a lot of little gift bags waiting for the men. Inside, there were different types of pajamas. Rodney got a onesie. There were silk robes, briefs, boxers, tighty whiteys. Chris S. got those with the white buttondown - so it was very "Taking Care of Business." Michelle and her 12 guys took off in their jammies to go to a slumber party! There was cotton candy, ice cream, popcorn, stuffed animals, bean bag chairs, twister, all kinds of sleepover stuff. They guys had a great time dressing up giant teddy bears and having a spa day. Michelle said the guys were so distracted by all of the fun stuff, she had to call them over to her to get them to spend time with her. She didn't feel very appreciated. She even went to talk to a producer and said, "Why am I here?" Michelle was really upset.

The curtains came apart and the Bella twins were there beating each other with their teddy bears. The guys were going to have to beat each other up with the bears to compete for time with Michelle. She didn't really love that now they would be focused on the competition instead of actually spending quality time with her. "I didn't prepare myself to not feel seen," she said. Tayshia and Kaitlyn asked Michelle what was wrong but she didn't want to talk about it. She knew the guys were having fun and in good moods and she didn't want to bring down the energy.

The teddy bear fights were super entertaining, but the losing team had to head back to the hotel. No one came up to Michelle after the fight though, she was like, why are they ignoring me? I mean they are there to get to know her, but they are having too much fun bro-ing out together. Later, Michelle confided how she felt to Kaitlyn. She admitted that she was let down by it all but didn't want the guys to think that she's being too needy. Kaitlyn said no one would think that. Michelle said she was just very vulnerable about not being seen during their poetry group date, and apparently, that didn't sink into the guys.

Group Date Cocktail Party - Winners Only

The winning team of six men seemed pumped going into the cocktail party, but little did they know a disappointed Michelle would be showing up. She told them how she felt and they were speechless for a bit. The guys were shocked but said that she had every right to feel how she did and realized they needed to up their game and be the kind of men she deserves. She pulled Nayte to go talk first. She told him that she was very hurt due to the level of feelings that she already has for him. "You are definitely seen. My actions are not showing it, but you are 100% seen," Nayte said. He promised to make it more obvious to her and he apologized. He felt awful.

The guys all felt terrible! The whole evening portion of the date was like an apology tour. Olu told Michelle he could relate to her because he has sisters and saw what they went through. His words made her cry! He cried and she appreciated that he's able to be a strong man and show his emotions. "That's what makes me feel seen," Michelle said. In the end, she gave him the group date rose! Nayte's confidence finally seemed to be a bit shaken.

Rick's One-on-One Date

Rick was so excited for his one-on-one date and came in on cloud nine. Michelle took him up to the top of a mountain on board an air trolley. They experienced beautiful views and a real bonding experience. They did a lot of kissing! Michelle added that she's always felt seen by him.

They walked through the woods once they got to the top and they found a wish box. Rick and Michelle read through the wishes and they talked about how they relate to their own wishes. Rick revealed that his father passed three years ago and a wish about a dad got him very emotional. They wrote that they wish to find love by having hard conversations, kissed the paper, and put it in the box. Rick felt that they were making a deep connection.

That evening, Rick and Michelle continued their conversation about their families. Rick said that he was blessed to have both of his parents in his life, but there were times that his father wasn't the best husband and father. He said that he found a text from another woman on his dad's phone when he was a teenager, so he told his mother, and then he, his mom, and his brother moved out. Rick said he blamed himself for telling his mother about the text. He said his dad was very depressed for 10 years and one of his father's friends found him dead on the ground. It wasn't entirely clear if he took his own life or suffered a medical episode. It was a lot of information for Michelle to take in, but she appreciated how open he was at revealing his emotions. Then he revealed that he felt like he was falling in love with her. Wow, that's so fast! Michelle smiled and said she wasn't ready for that. But, she did seem happy to hear it! She told him she can be her complete self with him and asked him if he'd accept the rose. He did! Then, they got a private concert by Andy Grammer. He performed "Lease on Life." "This is a guy who is here for the right reasons," Michelle said.

Cocktail Party

Before Michelle could get talking to the men, Chris S. said he wanted to address everyone and said, "I think there are guys here who think they have it in the bag." Ahem, Nayte. "I think that's bull****." He urged Michelle to give time to the people who are really there for her. She told him that she appreciated him speaking up. "Nobody has it in the bag, not even close," Michelle said to the group. Brandon asked to talk to her first, but Chris S. said that HE was going to. Yikes. Michelle told Brandon she'd come back for him and went off with Chris S. The other guys were shocked and said it was out of place for Chris S. to say what he said and take over the cocktail party.

Chris S. said that he felt like he went out of his way to make her feel noticed. He told her he also noticed a lot of the men weren't stepping up. He said that she came from a relationship where she didn't get what she wanted and he thinks that there are people there that are doing the same thing. Then Chris S. told her that when the one-on-one card wasn't for Nayte he said that he knew he would already get one in the future so he wasn't worried about it. Chris S. seemed to want to go in for the kiss, but Michelle stood up and he kissed her on the cheek, and went back into the room.

The guys were like, what the heck. "That was weird," Nayte said. Chris G. was like why did you say that. Romeo called it a desperate ploy. Nayte asked Michelle how she felt about the conversation she had with Chris S. Nayte said, "I can't really control how other people feel about me." He did his best to keep it low-key. Nayte was super upset and he came back gunning for Chris S. Tap tap, "Let's go for a talk bro," Nayte said to Chris S. They went back and forth, and Chris S. actually kind of backed off and said Michelle was "probing" him about it. "I came in on my white horse and saved her from the castle that she's been stuck in," Chris S. said. Um, as if. "He's a dweeb," Nayte said.

Joe set up a little snack picnic of sorts for Michelle during their talk. Joe apologized again for leaving her feeling "unseen." He wanted her to see the effort he put in towards this mini-date. Michelle was very happy! She also reinforced her connections with Brandon and Rodney. Olu told Chris S. to not count his chickens before they hatch, and Rick sat there and shook his head in agreement. The guys all hate Chris S.

Rose Ceremony

1) Martin (one-on-one date)

2) Olu (group date)

3) Rick (one-on-one date)

4) Brandon

5) Leroy

6) Joe

7) Rodney

8) Clayton

9) Casey

10) Nayte

11) Chris S.

I yelled, "Oh, come on!" at the TV with that last rose. I feel like he's just kept on for the drama. How do you cut a quality guy like Romeo! Chris G. and Will were also eliminated.

Next Week

Michelle announced that she was heading to Minneapolis and the guys would be going with her. Time to hit the road! The guys would get to see where Michelle grew up and learn more about her. It looks like Michelle has some really deep connections forming. One that really irks Chris S. is her connection with Nayte. "I feel like I got the short end of the stick," he said. It's getting serious! Who else can't wait for next week?!

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