Bus of migrants from Texas arrives in Los Angeles, the 4th transport in a month

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023
4th bus of migrants arrives in Los Angeles from Texas
Another bus of migrants from the state of Texas has arrived in Los Angeles, the fourth such group in the past month.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Another bus of migrants from the state of Texas has arrived in Los Angeles, the fourth such group in the past month.

The buses are believed to be funded by the state of Texas under authority of Gov. Greg Abbott.

Mayor Karen Bass' office says a plan is in place to help all such migrants when they arrive in Los Angeles.

"The city has continued to work with city departments, the county, and a coalition of nonprofit organizations, in addition to our faith partners, to execute a plan set in place earlier this year," Zach Seidl, Bass' director of communications said in a statement.

"As we have before, when we became aware of the bus yesterday, we activated our plan."

The bus arrived around 6:30 p.m., Seidl said.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights responded to assist the migrants who arrived at Union Station.

The organization said the bus was carrying about 41 asylum seekers. It left Brownsville, Texas on Monday afternoon and "it is believed to be funded by the State of Texas."

It included 35 adults and six children, hailing from a range of countries including Venezuela, Brazil, Haiti, China and others.

CHIRLA said the migrants will be connected with loved ones or sponsors throughout Southern California, as well as Las Vegas, Phoenix and Washington state.

"We do not mistake these busing episodes as well-intentioned," said CHIRLA executive director Angelica Salas.

"Texas and Florida have shown a callous disregard to the human experience, especially as it relates to asylum seekers with black and brown skin. Busing migrants anywhere in the middle of a scorching summer is not kind, it is cruel and unjustified."

Lindsay Toczylowski, executive director of the Immigrant Defenders Law Center, was among the groups working at a welcoming center for migrants. The welcome center, she said, helps all migrants connect with services as well as reunite with family members.

"The vast majority of the folks that were on the bus today are coming to LA to reunite with family," Toczylowski said. "They're feeling a lot of relief tonight. They know they're going to see their family soon, they're going to be safe. So there's really a sense of relief."

The first such bus from Texas, carrying 42 migrants, arrived in Los Angeles on June 14.

July 3, 2023: Another bus carrying migrants arrives in LA from Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has repeatedly said his state's border region is overrun by migrants and hinted more could be sent to L.A. in the future.

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