Monrovia squatter stole Christmas presents but watered the lawn

A Monrovia family is dealing with the aftermath of a break-in from when they were away for Thanksgiving.
MONROVIA (KABC) -- Lorie Hope and her family knew something wasn't right when they returned to their home in Monrovia after spending Thanksgiving weekend away with family.

Hope's daughter pointed out her bedroom window shade looked different, and Hope said the house was a mess on Sunday when they walked inside.

Hope said clothes and iPads were missing and a sentimental piece of jewelry was also gone. The family said it seemed like someone stayed there.

"They didn't like wipe us out more than just kind of played in our house and you know, like, ate our food and slept in our beds," said Hope.

The person also left behind drawings.

Neighbors saw what they described as a young man watering the lawn on Saturday.

"He said he was cleaning up her backyard," said neighbor Corrie Mendez.

According to Mendez, the man mentioned that he knew that Hope and her family were on vacation and that he was looking after the house.
Hope says she thinks he came in through the bathroom window because it was the only window that wasn't locked.

"We saw a huge footprint on the toilet seat that doesn't match any of us," said Hope.

Though the man didn't steal a lot, he did steal most of the Christmas presents Hope had ordered for her children.

"Christmas is really about family and about love and about being grateful for what we have and who we are. And this is going to be a great testimony to that," she said.

The family filed a report with the Monrovia police department. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been set up by her family to raise money to be able to replace the stolen Christmas gifts.

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