Two peas in a pod: Meet the new mountain lion kittens found in SoCal mountains

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Thursday, August 17, 2023
Two peas in a pod: Meet SoCal's newest mountain lion kittens
Southern California, meet your new (and adorable) wildlife neighbors!

LOS ANGELES COUNTY (KABC) -- Southern California, meet your new (and adorable) wildlife neighbors!

Two new mountain lion kittens were found prowling around in the Santa Susana Mountains.

The new litter - a boy and a girl - is believed to have been born in May, according to the National Park Service. They are known as P-116 and P-117.

Their mother, P-106, is estimated to be about six years old.

Video posted on the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area's Facebook page shows the two kittens working on their tiny roars inside P-106's den when they were about 24 days old.

This is the 26th litter of kittens National Park Service biologists have marked at the den site.

"Each visit to a den by a biologist occurs while the mother is away hunting for food, feeding, or resting," read the Facebook post. "A biologist will track her movements via telemetry while others on the team approach the den area. Once the den is found, the researchers will conduct a general health assessment of the kittens a short distance away and place them back when finished."

Since 2002, the National Park Service has been studying mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains to see how they survive in a fragmented and urbanized environment.