Los Feliz Theater to reopen in July

After being shut down for more than a year, some of L.A.'s oldest movie theatres are planning to reopen this summer.
LOS FELIZ (KABC) -- And after many months of being shut down, the Los Feliz Theater will reopen in July.

The theater opened in 1935. It's been a staple in the Los Feliz neighborhood ever since.

CEO Lance Alsbaugh owns the theater group Vintage Cinemas, including the Los Feliz Theater and the Vista Theatre. He said the Vista Theatre is undergoing renovations, but the reopening will be announced soon.

Alsbaugh said he felt the community support during the pandemic.

"We got lots of emails and phone calls and even faxes, believe it or not of people saying what can we do to help? What can we buy, gift certificates? Can we send you money," Alsbaugh said.

While Alsbaugh said he appreciated the sentiment, he said they actually didn't need help at the time. He had been saving a rainy-day fund for a storm like the pandemic.

"The thing that's been killing me is just the sheer inability to work. You know, I love working and I can't work right now," said Alsbaugh.

He had to furlough almost every employee. Except for the general manager Victor Martinez who's been greeting guests and running the projector at the theaters for more than 30 years.

"They're not just my workplace, you know, they're part of my life part of my success," said Martinez.
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