Video captures man telling OC Muslim women he doesn't want them in his country

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Ice cream shop owners in Orange defended two Muslim women after an angry customer said he did not want them in his country.

ORANGE, Calif. (KABC) -- When Malaak Ammari and Nura Takkish stopped to get ice cream at Andrew's Ice Cream in Orange, they never expected to get yelled at by a stranger.

The women, who are both Muslim, saw a man arguing with a cashier. They said he left angrily, but then he came rushing back, looking at them. Malaak began recording on her cell phone when the exchange happened.

After the owner asks him to leave, the man points at the pair, saying "I don't want them in my country."

"I was really hurt because I'm American. I'm just as American as anyone else," Nura said.

Nura posted the video to her Twitter and it quickly went viral. While the women said they're hurt and shocked by the exchange, they're thankful the store owner stood up for them.

Cynthia Ramsay and her husband Greg own Andrew's Ice Cream. She said she gave the man his money back and asked him to leave when he continued to make racially charged comments.

"Everybody should be loved and accepted. Everybody should be welcome here. This is a community hangout," Cynthia said.

Ramsay and the women all took something away from the experience.

"Most people are like those women so I don't really look at it as a negative experience. I look at it as a very positive one," Nura said.