Bear spotted in Duarte likely same one chased by dog in Bradbury

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- A bear was spotted strolling through Duarte overnight, and sheriff's officials believe it is the same bear that was chased by a brave little dog in Bradbury earlier in the week.

The bear was seen near a retirement home near Royal Oaks Drive and Buena Vista Street around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, then it made its way to an industrial park near Highland Avenue and Hamilton Road.

At one point, it was seen near the 210 Freeway offramp at Mountain Avenue, where it was nearly hit by a car.

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A small dog took on a big bear in the yard of a home in the San Gabriel Valley Tuesday.

The bear was then spotted snacking on some trash outside a Wal-Mart and also stopping for a sip of water from a sprinkler.

After all this activity, the bear appeared to grow tired. It was later seen sleeping in a tree near Ranch Road and Buena Vista Street.

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The big question - is this tagged bear possibly the same bear seen in Bradbury on Tuesday, getting chased by a small dog through a yard?

After the dog confrontation, the bear also broke into a home and raided a refrigerator and snacked on some avocados before heading off into the hills.

His adventure came to an end when California Fish and Wildlife officials tranquilized and captured the bear in a Monrovia park. He was relocated to a new home in the Angelus National Forest.

Sheriff's officials said it is most likely the same bear in both incidents, since a tag was seen on the bear's ear in each case.
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