Los Angeles City Council wants locks on guns

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For a second time in as many weeks, the Los Angeles City Council is pushing another gun ordinance.

Under the plan, gun owners in Los Angeles would be required to store their firearms in locked containers or install trigger locks when not using them. Supporters say this will save lives as unlocked guns wouldn't fall into the hands of a child.

Lorraine Morland lost two children to gun violence on the streets.

"People are dying. It could be yours," said Morland with Women Against Gun Violence. "You get a call in the middle of the night that your little baby boy who's grown up to be a man is gone. Your child is gone."

"When a gun is not properly stored in the home and a theft occurs, that gun is much more likely to be used as a crime gun out on the streets and then we're all affected by that," Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian said.

Last week, city council members voted to outlaw possession of high-capacity magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.

Both plans are opposed by gun rights supporters, but they did not speak at Tuesday's meeting. The National Rifle Association has said in the past, it will sue because the ordinances violate the Second Amendment. It says the Supreme Court has ruled that the government might require you to have locks, but that you are not required to use them in your own home.

"I'm equally confident that the city will prevail on defending this ordinance. I don't see a legitimate argument that could be made on the law," Krekorian said.

The proposed gun lock ordinance comes back to the full city council next week. If approved, it would go to the mayor for his signature.
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