Lyft passenger saves driver's life after recognizing heart attack signs

HERCULES, Calif. -- A doctor asleep in her Lyft car in Northern California had mere minutes to help her driver, who started to suffer from a heart attack.

There's never a dull night around Dr. Nwando Olayiwola's household in Hercules, California. The busy mother runs homework, music practice and dinner.

"Everything is always a crisis when you're a parent," Olayiwola said.

Two nights ago on Interstate 80, she solved a crisis that may seal her reputation as one cool customer. The episode began when she hired a Lyft car home from the airport.

That ride changed in an instant. Olayiwola had been sleeping. The driver opened his window, seemed to be in distress and she recognized the signs -- a heart attack.

Olayiwola instantly switched modes from passenger to doctor and told the driver to pull over. "He was moaning, writhing in pain."

She called 911, then called the driver's wife. In minutes, the Rodeo-Hercules Fire Department arrived and took 35-year-old Mir Peerzada to the hospital.

As it turns out, he moved here after serving U.S. forces in Afghanistan as an interpreter.

ABC affiliate station KGO-TV reached him at his Modesto home by Skype.

"I thank her a lot, she did her best," said Peerzada. "And my wife says thanks to her."

"When I told my kids what happened, they said I am a hero," Olayiwola added. "I said I did what any good doctor should do."

Dr. Nwando Olayiwola stands in her Hercules, Calif. kitchen, smiling on Feb. 23, 2017.

She did what any good passenger, client or person in the right place at the right time would do - with the right skills.

"I feel like I saved his life," she said happily. "I know I saved his life. I saved his life."
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