Burbank neighborhood makes list of 10 nicest places to live

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- A Burbank neighborhood near the airport and the border with North Hollywood may look like any other neighborhood.

But the way neighbors treat each other like family is what has made North Evergreen one of the 10 nicest places in America, according to an ongoing Reader's Digest survey.

"You have people looking out for each other, coming together, drinking wine with each other, celebrating with each other, walking dogs with each other. You can't find a nicer block than Evergreen," said Rachel Diana who lives on N. Evergreen.

Ashley Erikson, who nominated her neighborhood, says it's unlike any place she's lived. For birthdays and holidays, residents host huge block parties which has helped build lasting friendships.

Joining North Evergreen on the list are Kalamazoo, Michigan and a free library in Baltimore, Maryland.

"We share produce. We share babysitters. We share events. We love spending time together. There's 30 kids that live just on this one block so we love trying to find activities for them to do. Crafts," said Erikson, a mom of two.

According to Reader's Digest, the finalists are places founded in trust and civility and where everyone is treated with respect.

"This is a small neighborhood just like everybody else's neighborhood and if we work together. Then, every neighborhood can be like this," said Erikson.

You can vote for the nicest place in America here. Voting ends July 7.
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