Folk music great Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary fame wraps up his music past as a present to the future with donations to nonprofit groups

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
A member of the folk group 'Peter, Paul and Mary' donating song profits to worthy causes
With new compilation album 'Just Causes,' Noel Paul Stookey is not just giving his heart, he's also giving the net proceeds of his songs to groups addressing issues prevalent today: including hunger, addiction, social justice and the environment

HOLLYWOOD -- Folk music great Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary fame is using some of his music past as a present to the future of some lucky non-profits. He's out with a new compilation album of 15 of his solo songs. They've been remixed and remastered, all for one reason: To give back.

Noel Paul Stookey has paired each of the songs on his new compilation album, "Just Causes," to a specific charity. "Jean Claude" will benefit the Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum. "Revolution" is dedicated to Sojourners, a faith-based social justice organization.

"That's why I feel 'Revolution' is such an on-the-mark kind of tune because it's summoning you to take personal responsibility for making the little circle of people around you happier, better, more respected, you know, and understood," said Stookey. "We're going to wave at total strangers no matter where they're from. I'm going to start a revolution. The songs themselves really speak to these specific causes and I'm so honored."

Stookey is no stranger to causes. As part of Peter, Paul and Mary, he's been singing socially conscious songs since the early sixties. They had hits with "If I Had a Hammer"... "Blowin' In the Wind"... "Leaving on a Jet Plane"... and "Puff the magic dragon."

"Overall, I think the heart of music is the larger need for us to recognize our community at heart," said Stookey.

With "Just Causes," Stookey is giving his heart...and all of the net proceeds to groups addressing issues still prevalent today, including hunger, addiction and the environment. He Zooms with guitar in hand, always ready to sing; eager to give back while enjoying the ride.

"And to be able to still be active at the age of 83 is just a remarkable set of circumstances," said Stookey.

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