Nonprofit organization offers free home recess program online

Nonprofit organization, CF Fitness is offering free home recess programs online to students during quarantine.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Since kids aren't able to get out on the playground right now, nonprofit organization CF Fitness is providing home recess sessions during the quarantine. Former track athlete, CEO and founder, James Howell, said it's important that kids remain active.

"This is huge because they're looking for something creative to do while they're in a house," Howell said.

Fourth grader Bella Archer uses the CF Fitness program almost every day. She plays the game with her family at home.

"Since we are quarantine, we don't really get to go out a lot," Bella said. "So, it's important for our body to still have recess time."

Before schools closed, CF Fitness served schools in the Inglewood school district, LA Unified, Compton, Whittier and Lawndale for the K through sixth grade levels. Now, they're offering their services free online for everyone.

"I had a great idea to say, let's create these innovative games that we usually play at recess on the playground and bring them indoors," Howell said.

Bella's mom, Elaine Archer, is also a teacher and she said this program pairs well with the currently required online learning.

"Because we're asking the kids to do online learning, for at least half the day to the whole day," Elaine said. "This gives them an outlet to get their energy out in a positive way."

In their videos, coaches lead students through a warm-up, a game and a cool-down, while also trying to incorporate games and rules that promote physical distancing.

"Instead of playing tag, now we're playing shadow tag," Howell said. "So, we're thinking about the games that they're going to be actually implementing when school gets back."

Parent and CF Fitness coach, Evan Weatherspoon, believes this is a good way for kids to use some energy and be more productive during the day.

"They need to get up and be active, have some fun, let some energy out," Weatherspoon said.

You can access the games at or on the CF Fitness YouTube page.

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