Co-workers donate sick days, personal time off for nurse who can't work while battling leukemia

Health care workers have been at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19. In addition to their hard work and sacrifices for the general public, one group decided to help their co-worker in the fight of her life.

When they learned that Lorie Carafelli-Fleming was receiving leukemia treatments, her co-workers stepped up and donated their personal time off so she could recover.

Carafelli-Fleming is a nurse, and is usually the one caring for patients, but when she became ill a few months ago, her co-workers and friends urged her to see a doctor and that's when she was diagnosed with cancer.

When word got out she was undergoing treatment and missing work, her co-workers rallied around her by giving her their hard-earned personal time off or sick days.

"I'm unable to work so having the ability to still get paid is a blessing, and they really truly are a blessing for me."

The company she works for, Impact Health Care, also stepped in to assist her.

"(They) made some special arrangements for her, for extra time, some different insurance coverage," said co-worker Molly Buck. "They've been very generous as well because they were just blown away with the outpour of love from the other nurses and co-workers at the company who donated their time."

Nurses are front line workers who take care of their patients around the clock. It's in their DNA to help those who are sick, especially those who they work with.

"We get an opportunity to take care of one of our team members... It helps everybody because the sooner we get her back on her feet and up and running, then that helps all of us as well us take care of our patients," said another co-worker, Jane Hanna.

Carafelli-Fleming hopes to be back at work, helping patients within six to eight months.

"I'm very appreciative of the kindness and the (team) that I work with. I'm very lucky, I'm a very lucky person," she added.
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