Officer-involved shooting leaves 1 dead in Harbor Gateway

HARBOR GATEWAY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- One person was killed in an officer-involved shooting that stemmed from a family dispute in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood Monday morning.

Los Angeles police responded to the intersection of Figueroa Street and Gardena Boulevard after the shooting occurred at about 6:30 a.m.

Police said they were called to the scene after reports of a suspect armed with a gun, who had already fired shots inside and outside of his home.

The suspect shot at two responding officers, striking the passenger's side door of their cruiser, according to authorities. At least one of those officers returned fire, fatally shooting the suspect.

"We're just fortunate this morning that no one else was injured," LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar said. "This was a volatile situation that started with this family dispute and then officers confronted a man who may have been set on murdering them."

A witness, who asked not to be identified, said he had seen the man moments before the shooting.

"Very agitated, he was definitely looking for a fight. He was extremely irritated," said the man. "I did not personally see the gun. I ran into two different people on my way back from coffee, and they definitely both saw the gun."

A large police presence was at the scene, where the man's body was covered inside a white tent.

One person was detained, but the person's connection to the shooting was not known.

A man who said he was friends with the suspect described him as a "nice guy" but also claimed he drank and did drugs.

"He was a good guy, he was my friend," Juan Perez said. "I saw him like once or two times a week."

The witness who asked to remain anonymous said he had seen the suspect around the neighborhood before.

"I've been in this neighborhood a while and this guy is what you would say intimidating, he kind of throws his weight around," the man claimed. "He's not somebody that I would ever come across. When I do see this guy, I go the other direction."

The officers involved were not injured.

An investigation is ongoing. Investigators are expected to review officer-worn bodycam video, surveillance camera footage and other evidence.
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