'80s band Oingo Boingo honored by Los Angeles City Council

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Wednesday was declared "Oingo Boingo Day" in the city of Los Angeles in honor of the '80s pop band known for hits such as "Weird Science" and "Dead Man's Party."

The Southern California band was founded in 1972 as a performance art group by Richard Elfman. He later passed on leadership to his brother Danny and the group morphed into a high-energy, eccentric pop band with influences from ska, punk and other styles.

"When you heard their music, you knew it was time to get up and dance or just to jump around," said City Councilman Jose Huizar, who authored the resolution to honor the band.

Danny Elfman was missing from Wednesday's presentation, working on a project in China. After the band broke up he went on to became its most famous alumni, with a successful career as a film composer, best known for his many collaborations with director Tim Burton.

"We were kind of a unique band and it was really a lot of fun, said band member John "Vatos" Hernandez, sporting a purple mohawk.

"And we always put the pedal to the medal. After the band broke up we did kind of blow up and go in all kinds of directions. Danny's making so much money he couldn't afford to be here today."

While the band officially dissolved in 1995, members have reunited for tribute shows and at times currently perform under the name Oingo Boingo Dance Party.

After the City Council resolution, the band performed acoustic versions of "Dead Man's Party" and "We Close Our Eyes" in the City Council chambers.
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