Moorpark seeks to protect historic feel of Old Town

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Moorpark seeks to protect historic feel of Old Town
The city of Moorpark is working on new rules that will preserve the historic look and feel of Old Town, even when national chains want to establish locations there.

MOORPARK, Calif. (KABC) -- Old Town Moorpark is one street full of nostalgia and Ventura County history.

"We want to preserve our history and we are proud of our history here," Mayor Janice Parvin says.

Parvin says the city council is working on an ordinance that basically says if a national chain wants to come in to this section, it has to fit in with the existing look.

"They would have to match that in order to be processed through the system, to the conditional use permit," Parvin says.

East High Street is lined with eateries, a hardware store and other businesses. Hollywood movies have been filmed at the old granary. And there are plans to turn this into a stop for dining and shopping.

Jose Agrevano, a long-time Moorpark resident, says "I like that because it will still keep something at least of what we used to have many years ago. Because everything around the city is totally new."

Bud Cronic raised his family here in Moorpark before moving to Colorado. He's been coming to East High street in Old Town for years.

When you stop and eat here, everybody knows your name, he says.

"You know the waitresses here, you've known them for years. And everyone kinda knows everyone down so it's kind of a nice feel."

And with a train stop a short block away, the city hopes the future of Old Town will welcome more people to enjoy that nice feel. The mayor tells us the ordinance to keep Old Town the way it is for generations to come, will be law by the end of this month.