On The Menu: Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey offers ultimate dock and dine experience

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Friday, August 25, 2023
On The Menu: Killer Shrimp offers ultimate dock and dine experience
Killer food, killer views, and killer vibes! In this episode of "On The Menu," ABC7's Rachel Brown takes you inside Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey! Trust us, they do shrimp like NO other.

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (KABC) -- Killer food, killer views, and killer vibes - welcome to Killer Shrimp in the historic Marina Del Rey Harbor!

In case you were wondering where this seafood spot's name came from, owner Kevin Michaels has a simple explanation.

"We were surfer kids growing up in Southern California so everything was killer; killer waves, killer boards," he said with a smile.

Michaels said his dad used to cook an amazing dish when he and his brother were growing up. It was a signature family recipe. You can probably guess what it was.

"We would just ask for the killer shrimp," he said.

Now, 36 years later, Killer Shrimp remains a seafood destination, cooking up killer paella, complete with crab claws, lobster tail, andouille sausage and more.

Also on the menu is a 3-hour slow braised beef short rib plated to perfection with potatoes, spinach and baby carrots, topped off with a handful of crispy onions.

The best sellers are the irresistibly creamy lobster macaroni and cheese and of course, the dish that started it all: The Killer Shrimp.

The fresh shrimp is sautéed, never farmed raised and never frozen. The broth alone takes 12 hours and the seasonings are a secret.

The Killer Shrimp is also served with a loaf of French bread, perfect for dunking.

"The dish is so special," said Michaels. "It's so amazing. We're so fortunate people love it as much as they do because it's kept us going for 35 years and it's still what we do best."

Plus, on top of the food, locals love the music.

Inside you might find the speakeasy and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, guests are treated to live music.

You can also head outside and take in the views (Don't forget! Killer Shrimp is a dock and dine restaurant!)

"Every day, we come to work and people tell us how much they love being here, and our food, and that keeps us going," said Michaels.

Killer Shrimp, located at 4211 Admiralty Way in Marina Del Rey, is open seven days a week for killer breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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