Program gives immigrant parents hands-on opportunity to learn robotics, coding alongside their kids

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Thursday, March 28, 2024
Program makes robotics, coding a family affair
This Santa Ana program is breaking barriers - generational, cultural, and educational. Magnolia Science Academy offers immigrant parents the opportunity to learn science, robotics and coding alongside their children.

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- There's a whole new way of learning happening at Magnolia Science Academy in Santa Ana. Some these students - are parents.

"It started first class we were looking, what's going on here? What is that?" said Araceli Vargas.

They're busy in the computer lab -- it's part of a free six-week program that teaches parents about robotics and coding alongside their children. From TK all the way up to 12th grade.

"It's going to be hands-on; they're doing it themselves and they're going to be coding and learning programming," said Yusuf Adanur, teacher, Magnolia Science Academy.

"I used to think my dad couldn't do robotics. I knew he used to be a construction worker, but I didn't think he knew how to work mechanics, so I'm learning that basically he can do anything he wants if he really tries," said Juan and Matthew Rodriguez.

The program, intended for parents who are immigrants, is breaking all kinds of barriers - generational, cultural, and educational. Not to mention, some of these parents struggle with their own fear of learning. It builds respect.

"Last year I was just doing it with my friends and some people I didn't know that well, but doing it with family, that's something different. That's something we can bond with at the house even, and we can be talking about what we can do with our robot and make it better," said the Rodriguez family.

It all leads up to the parents participating in their own robotics competition. It's all in good fun. But everyone is excited to see who will win!