Despite price, organics continue to grow in popularity

MONTEREY, Calif. (KABC) -- In the years to come, organic food will likely take up even more space at your local supermarket.

"A lot of things in the past that didn't work conventionally are working organically," said Chad Miller of Sprouts.

"Getting into the chards, kale, the beet categories -- they were flat to negative for years conventionally and now with organics we are seeing tremendous success," said Miller.

Market research suggests consumers feel they are doing something good for themselves as well as the planet, but we can't always count on California's bounty to produce enough, and that may translate to a carbon footprint problem.

"We have problems with spinach, arugula, with organics. There are gaps in grapes throughout the season and with berries we have some issues," said Dave Corsi of Wegmans.

It's no surprise everyone has been talking about Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, but is interesting to hear what grocers say about traditional stores.

New Seasons retailer Jeff Fairchild says many appreciate the convenience of home delivery from companies like InstaCart, but others might not be as picky as you are.

"I think it is a smart move on Amazon's part. It will make other retailers more cognizant that they need to make changes and be a little more nimble," said Tonya Antell of the Organic Produce Network.

Beyond produce, dietitian Ashley Koff says it is important to note the impact of organics on animal products.

"As we move from plants to animals it is more important that we get organic because you are not just getting the animal, but you are getting what the animal has eaten as well," said Koff.
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