Oscars 2019: Final preparations underway in Los Angeles for 91st Academy Awards

LOS ANGELES -- Final preparations are underway for the Oscars in Los Angeles as Hollywood's Biggest Night quickly approaches.

The red carpet remains under wraps. The area where the stars will arrive on Sunday is not quite ready yet, while inside the Dolby Theater...Oscars rehearsals continue.

Here an Oscar...there an Oscar...everywhere an Oscar...And this year he stands alone. With no host, no need to share his poster with anyone else, but soon he will be joined by the world's biggest stars on what's become fashion's most important runway.

The long march begins right outside the security tent: two city blocks that can take a celebrity a half hour or more to walk down. Cameras and reporters to the left, fans in the stands on the right. The center lane is just for for the famous and their people. Everyone else is off the red carpet.

"Oscar night really has two shows: there's the fashion show that happens on the red carpet, and then everyone goes inside and celebrates film."

Greg Kwiat lent Jennifer Lopez earrings a few years back when she was an Oscar presenter, and the green room is where folks like J-Lo get to hang out: The Rolex green room is just steps from the stage inside of the Dolby Theater where the stars await their moment in the spotlight.

It's an island of calm that is most welcome because I have found even the most famous celebrities get really nervous at the thought of facing so many people.

The Oscar race is not a popularity contest, but this year giant hits like "Black Panther," "Bohememian Rhapsody," and "A Star Is Born" are in the running.

I asked Bradley Cooper if he was going to vote for himself, but he wouldn't say. I'm willing to bet he did vote for himself and all the other nominees from his movie. Wouldn't you if you were in his position?

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