Andy Samberg calls new movie 'Palm Springs' existential sci-fi rom-com with hard laughs

The new movie is now streaming on Hulu.
GLENDALE -- Andy Samberg leads the cast of the new R-rated comedy, "Palm Springs"; and he is one of the producers. The movie takes place at a wedding in the desert, where something surreal happens, making every day the wedding day.

"Palm Springs" is not an easy movie to describe.

"I would say that it's an existential-an unexpected existential comedy that packs a lot of love and also absurdities and magical-and magic into a delightful... I can't do it!" laughed co-star Cristin Milioti.

"I liked your start: an existential sci-fi rom com with hard laughs," added Samberg.

There wasn't a big budget for "Palm Springs" but what Samberg did have was actors anxious to make a good movie.

'It was a hard shoot but everyone was really enthusiastic and we all believed in what we were making and it made it workable," said Samberg.

"And he is so delightful and, like, such a pleasure as a scene partner, I really could not have asked for anyone better," said Milioti.

"Palm Springs" will stream on Hulu starting July 10th.
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