Pete Davidson brings his real story to life with director Judd Apatow in new film 'The King of Staten Island'

Director Judd Apatow leads Pete Davidson in a film inspired by the comedian's real-life inspired, 'The King of Staten Island'.
LOS ANGELES -- Comedian Pete Davidson is starring in a semi-autobiographical new movie called "The King of Staten Island." Director Judd Apatow says it's an imagining of Pete's life... if he hadn't found comedy.

In the film, Davidson plays a guy named Scott who's struggling through life. In real life, Pete's dad was a firefighter who died on 9/11. His character's dad also died in a fire. Both deal with depression, blocking out their grief and still living with mom. Davidson hopes you'll somehow relate to what he's been through in life. His director thinks it's beautiful that Pete's able share something this hard with others.

"People really feel him. He's sharing his experience and his life, you know, the good stuff and the pain and the people, you know? They want to go on that journey with him," said Apatow.

"I feel very blessed" said Davidson. "Judd is like the Dr. Dre of movies, you know? He just, like, has made so many people and I just feel really lucky to, you know, be able to work with someone who's so smart and charming and sweet. And I think, you know, I couldn't have asked for a better partner in this."

"He's such a big-hearted guy. He's very open emotionally, willing to dig deep and he's hysterical. And we just had the best time working on this over the last few years" said Apatow.

When it comes to all the ink that covers a lot of Davidson's body, we asked if there was an overall story behind all the tattoos.

"No, just a lot of impulsive decisions - just a lot of, just a lot of, 'That would look cool here!'" laughed Davidson.

Apatow added: "A lot of regret? A lot of regret?"

"Absolutely!" said Davidson.

"The King of Staten Island" is rated "R" for language, drug use and sexual content. It's available on demand now.
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