Shark watching tours: Monterey Bay whale watching boats now offering new experience

MONTEREY, Calif. (KABC) -- Whale watching boats in Monterey Bay, California, are offering tourists a new experience - shark watching.

There's been a steady increase of sharks flocking to the bay since 2015, though experts are not sure why.

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Deep Blue, a great white shark estimated to be approximately 20 feet long, might be in Hawaii. Divers spotted a large shark whose size and markings were said to resemble those of Deep Blue during a Jan. 15 excursion off Oahu's North Shore.

Tour companies are profiting from the close encounters.

Some boats report seeing 10 or more sharks in a single trip.

Shark watching can be more interactive because sharks will come up close to boats, unlike most whales.

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Video appears to show a swimmer getting uncomfortably close to a large shark in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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Sighting of basking shark off of Southern California coast could mean a comeback for these once vanishing sharks.

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