Visitors spot python at entrance to Runyon Canyon

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Visitors in Runyon Canyon reported seeing a python at the entrance of the popular hiking spot Saturday afternoon.

Jacob Rohn said he took photos and video of the reptile around 7 p.m. It was spotted at the entrance off Fuller Avenue. He said when he goes hiking he brings his dog Breezy and photographs any wildlife along the trail.

"This year I've seen, I'd say, more snakes than I've seen in previous years - rattlesnakes, rat snakes," he said.

Now he can add python to that list. Rohn said many people that saw it were scared and some tried to contact a park ranger and animal control.

He said the snake appeared to be about 4 feet long and was moving slowly. In his photos, the python appeared full around its mid-section, indicating it had eaten something.

"It seemed to be having a pretty good time. It seemed to feel pretty comfortable in Runyon. It was not running away from people, that's for sure," Rohn said.

At one point, the python lifted up its head and Rohn wasn't sure what the snake would do next, especially with his 16-pound pet nearby.

"Just happy that everything is all good and hopefully the snake will find a good home, too," he said.

It was unclear how the snake had gotten to the area or how long it had been there but for anyone who may be missing a pet, you may call animal control.
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