Pit bull burned as puppy becomes honorary firefighter

A pit bull puppy that was badly burned in a fire got a second chance at life after being adopted by firefighter William Lindler. (William Lindler | Jake's Page/Facebook)

After being severely burned in a fire as puppy, a pit bull named Jake is getting a second chance at life after being adopted by the firefighter that rescued him.

William Lindler rescued Jake from a burning shed outside a home in Charleston, S.C. last April. The firefighter learned that the pet's owners couldn't afford to pay for its medical bills, so he decided to adopt the dog on his own.

Jake faced a difficult recovery, requiring treatment with antibiotics and morphine and even needed laser skin therapy.

"All in all, it was about four months of recovery," Lindler told ABC News. "Even when he came home, we still had to continue putting special antibiotics and ointments, and his scars will always remain. We actually have to put sunscreen on him when we take him to the beach."

Despite his injuries, Jake had no problem winning over Lindler's fellow firefighters. The dog became the department's official mascot and was even named an honorary firefighter by the Hanahan fire chief and mayor.

"All the guys fell in love with him, and the ladies at town hall always have treats for him," Lindler told ABC News.

Lindler hopes that he can train Jake to become an arson detection dog.

"He loves sniffing and snooping around when I play with him and hide his toys," Lindler said. "So I figured, hey, he might be a good fit for being a detection dog."

Lindler also hopes that Jake's story will change how people perceive pit bulls.

"[Jake] is actually a very loving and gentle dog who's never met anyone he didn't like," Lindler said.
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