Phillies fan rips home run ball away from woman

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
A female fan tries to reach for a home run hit by Philadelphia Phillies' Maikel Franco during Sunday's game. Another fan then came and stole Franco's home run ball from her.

A Philadelphia Phillies fan is being called out for his foul play by stealing away a home run ball from another fan.

On Sunday, Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Maikel Franco hit his first career home run during the team's matchup against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Franco's ball soared into the outer field seats, where fan Joyce Murphy Kiner was ready to retrieve it.

As Kiner reaches down to pick up the ball, a male fan then runs up beside her, reaching down and pushing her aside to claim the ball as his own. Kiner then makes one final grab to reclaim the ball that was rightfully hers, but the man swats her hand away and walks away.

Many social media users criticized the fan for his rude behavior, while others apologized, saying that not all Phillies fans are as inconsiderate.

But Kiner didn't go away empty handed. Shortly after her home run ball was taken away, the fan was handed a complimentary Arizona Diamondbacks shirt.

Kiner appeared on a local Philadelphia sports radio talk show to discuss the incident. "You do not do that to a lady," she told host Anthony Gargano. "You hand that ball to a lady."

The radio station gave Kiner a T-shirt and a pair of front row tickets to a future Phillies game and a gift from a local jeweler.