Plastic surgeon behind 'Size matters' billboard back with new message

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Saturday, May 28, 2016
Plastic surgeon behind 'Size matters' billboard back with new message
A Murrieta plastic surgeon who was criticized for a "Size matters" billboard has put up a new sign that's just as controversial.

MURRIETA, Calif. (KABC) -- An Inland Empire plastic surgeon behind a controversial "Size matters" billboard has doubled down on his advertising campaign, launching a new sign that is again raising eyebrows.

And he isn't letting a threatening phone call slow him down.

Dr. Brian Eichenberg's first billboard declared "Size matters" and displayed two coffee cups - a smaller one labeled B and a larger one labeled D.

His new sign proclaims: "Stop making mountains out of molehills. Leave that to us."

Both are references to Renuance Cosmetic Surgery's primary business - breast enlargement.

After his first billboard was posted, some in the community were offended and a local high school student started a petition to have it taken down. It's already gathered 800 signatures.

Instead, the Murrieta surgeon put up another.

"We thought the (first) billboard was clever and funny so we didn't really want to take it down," Eichenberg said. "But we thought there ought to be some response."

That second sign got a stronger reaction. One male caller left a threatening voice mail: "So when you say size matters that means that I should bring a large caliber weapon. I'll see you soon, Brian."

Eichenberg considered that call an explicit threat that warranted him calling the police.

Some Southern Californians find the sign in bad taste, while others say it's a free country.

"To me, people have choices," said Steve Roulette, a Murrieta resident. "This is America - we have all of our freedoms. We need to exercise that."

But others question where to draw the line on decency.

"I really think it is bad taste," said Marlene Rosselli of Ventura. "Is nothing sacred anymore? Is nothing supposed to be kept in the privacy of your own home?"

Despite the controversy, Eichenberg says business is good.

"We've had so many people say if 'I ever need plastic surgery or when I do, I'm calling this guy'."