DACA supporters block intersection in downtown Los Angeles during rally

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Demonstrators carried signs and marched to the immigration detention center in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday.

They blocked the intersection of Aliso and Alameda streets. Barbara Hernandez made sure her voice could be heard.

"We're tired of our lives being used as bargaining chips," she said.

Hernandez is a DACA recipient and fears everyday she'll be deported back to Mexico City. She's pointing a finger at Democrats and Republicans.

"I want to hold both of them accountable because like I said our lives are not a bargaining chip - it's our lives," she said.

One driver had no choice but to let commuters off his bus, angering one man during a Facebook Live.

It's a reaction that showed one protester there are people in his community who do not understand immigration issues.

"Just to see the level of privilege that someone can get so upset just because their commute is a couple minutes later whereas we're dealing with people's lives here," Pablo Saldana said.

Last fall, Eyewitness News followed Justino Mora, who couldn't renew his DACA work permit. He now has less than eight months before it expires.

"So if Congress doesn't do anything, then I'm going to lose my DACA status and I'm going to be become subject to deportation. Exactly the same thing that has happened to about 15,000 undocumented DACA recipients in the last couple months," he said.

Mora, who is the co-founder of Undocumedia, helped organize the rally with several other groups, including Our Dream Coalition. They said the only way to keep DREAMers in the U.S. is to mobilize.

These immigrants are tired of living in fear. If there's no DREAM Act, there's no deal for them. DREAM Act legislation would give about 2 million DREAMers a path to citizenship, including about 800,000 already protected under DACA.
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