Hillary Clinton rallies in Lynwood, Leimert Park, Long Beach on eve of California primary

LYNWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Hillary Clinton is holding multiple campaign events across Southern California on Monday, the eve of the California presidential primary.

Clinton attended a "Get out the Vote" rally at La Fachada Plaza Mexico in Lynwood. Then, she headed to Leimert Park Village Plaza for another rally, followed by an event at Long Beach Community College. The former secretary of state will then head to the Greek Theatre for a concert later in the evening.

The concert will feature singers Christina Aguilera, John Legend and Stevie Wonder.

Clinton has reached the number of delegates and superdelegates needed to win the Democratic nomination, according to an Associated Press survey of delegates.

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She won big in a pair of weekend primaries in the Caribbean. She easily defeated opponent Bernie Sanders in the Virgin Island primary Saturday and Puerto Rico's primary on Sunday.

"I want to finish strong here in California. It means, it means the world to me," Clinton said.

In recent days Clinton has turned her attention from Sanders to Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

"We need to stop this divisiveness, this bullying and bigotry. And the best way to do it is to send a big message tomorrow that we're going to go into the campaign prepared to make the case against him like I did in San Diego. And we're going to defeat him," Clinton exclaimed.

Five other states besides California will hold primaries on Tuesday with a total of 694 delegates up for grabs.

Despite his losses in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands this weekend, Sanders still shows no sign of backing down.

"Tomorrow we have 475 pledged delegates coming up, and my job in the next 24 hours is to do everything that I can to win those delegates," Sanders said on Monday.

Sanders geared up for a "Get out the Vote" concert Monday night in San Francisco. Dave Matthews, Fishbone and John Dexter Stewart were all scheduled to perform.

Sunday night, Sanders appeared at a similar "Get out the Vote" concert and rally in San Diego.
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