SoCal facilities housing detained migrant children re-inspected

EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- State regulators have begun immediate re-inspections at various Southern California facilities that are housing dozens of migrant children currently separated from their detained parents.

There is growing concern regarding the children's well-being at David & Margaret Youth and Family Services in La Verne as well as Crittenton Services in Fullerton.

Most of children housed at these nonprofit agencies are under the age of 9.

Supporters of the re-inspections believe that it's a good first step, but that there is still work to be done.

"That is the reason why there was so much pressure on President Trump to essentially show the world that he's no longer going to separate families," immigration attorney Francis Arroyo said.

It's unclear exactly how many children are being housed in the L.A. area, but federal officials recently reported that, since May, about 2,300 kids have been detained apart from their parents.

Inspectors are focusing on facilities that are housing the youngest children. According to federal authorities, the reunification process could take months.
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