Hermosa Beach police cracking down on electric bicycle, motorcycle infractions

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Hermosa Beach police cracking down on e-bike infractions
While e-bikes can be fun, they're also cause for concern if used irresponsibly. Police in Hermosa Beach want safety at the top of people's minds.

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Police in Southern California beach communities are cracking down on electric bicycles and motorcycles as the summer season approaches.

While they can be fun, they're also cause for concern if used irresponsibly. Police in Hermosa Beach want safety at the top of people's minds, especially with the increase in e-bike riders.

"This is a very bike friendly community, so people want to use bikes and when they do, sometimes people will use them irresponsibly," said Chief Paul LeBaron. "We have found that juveniles, as well as adults, often times will use the bikes without any regard to traffic safety and that can be a very big challenge."

Chief LeBaron says infractions range from speed violations, running red lights and traffic signs to doing stunts in the street, which he says is not only illegal but dangerous. He says they're seeing collisions involving vehicles and e-bikes, as well as pedestrians versus e-bikes.

"I feel like it's fine for kids to like ride e-bikes, but they got to be responsible and stuff," said Ean Koo, a 13-year-old e-bike rider. "They shouldn't be doing stuff like that."

"Kids will start to be stupid and that can get you into some deep trouble," said Colton Mata, another 13-year-old e-bike rider. "And all I'm saying is just be safe. And yeah, be responsible."

Hermosa Beach police say over the last several months, they've seen an increase in e-bikes and electric motorcycles - which requires a special license and registration. Hermosa Beach traffic Officer Keaton Dadigan says in the last two months, they've impounded nine electric motorcycles and in the last month have issued 49 citations for e-bikes.

"Right now, a lot of people are confused between e-bikes and electric motorcycles, so we try to educate the public on our social media, written warnings, but it comes to a point where if you are committing these violations, just like a vehicle, we're going to have to issue a ticket and/or impound the motorcycle."

Chief LeBaron says the department has heard the community's concerns and are dedicated to mitigating as much as possible.

He added the Hermosa Beach Police Department has teamed up with Redondo and Manhattan Beach police departments to create a task force to directly address the ongoing issues with the e-bikes.