President Biden's cabinet lauded as one of most diverse in history

The presidential inauguration was a reflection of a historically-diverse presidential administration.

"We see something that is remarkable. We see an administration that looks like America. You see an administration that is moving forward with putting proof in the pudding, so to speak," said Boris Ricks, associate professor of political science at Cal State University Northridge.

Biden's cabinet includes a record number of women and women of color.

"We have Janet Yellen, Lloyd Austin, Deb Haaland, we're talking about an African-American woman, talking about the first woman to be tapped for the Department of Treasury," said Ricks.

Bonnie Abaunza is a human rights activist. The Los Angeles native worked with the Obama-Biden Administration on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

"I ran the impact campaign for the Hunting Ground, which focused on the crisis of campus sexual assault in the United States. The Obama-Biden Administration made an important decision to launch the campaign called 'It's On Us' because they wanted protection of Title IX. They wanted to make sure to tackle this crisis," she said.

Abaunza is optimistic of the Biden-Harris Administration.

"He has shown us, all of us people of color, women, men, LGBTQ people, that he cares about what we think, and I think that is reflected with his choices," said Abaunza.

Already, Biden has revoked former President Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban and an order that stifled diversity training at federal levels.

Ricks says it's important to understand the foundational problem that's slowed progress for centuries.

"If I'm not mistaken, Joe Biden is the first president, during a inauguration speech, that mentioned white supremacy. We cannot solve a problem unless we identify the problem."

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