Seniors at assisted living facility overjoyed with trick-or-treaters who received donated candy from Houston community

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Friday, November 1, 2019
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"This is awesome," one parent said. "This is what the community needs."

WEBSTER, Texas -- "This is awesome," one parent said. "This is what the community needs."

Buckets of pumpkins and Halloween bags overflowed with delicious candy, bringing smiles to the trick-or-treaters and senior citizens of Heartis Clear Lake, an assisted living facility in Houston, Texas.

"It's been great," resident Ortera Ellis said. "They come by and they have been really cute. It's fun for us."

The residents of Heartis asked for candy donations because they wanted to pass out treats to the children of their community.

Since the beginning of October, the candy kept rolling in. Word about Thursday's Halloween event spread fast.

"This thing has been filled about 14 times," Ellis said, referencing her candy basket.

Children and parents didn't hesitate to stop by.

"They are so sweet and so kind," another parent said. "Such a fun time for (my daughter) and for (the senior citizens), too."

It was a fun-filled Halloween for the children, and therapeutic for the residents who wanted to feel involved in their community this Halloween.

"It gives them a sense of reality," another parent said. "It gives them a sense they still have family and we are their family."

It's a memory made possible through the generosity of neighbors.