Robin Wright does double duty on new movie 'Land'; she directs and stars in new nature themed drama

Robin Wright directed several episodes of her TV show 'House of Cards;' now she's moving behind the camera for her first feature film, the drama 'Land.'
HOLLYWOOD -- Robin Wright is known for playing a Princess, and a President. But the actress tackled a new job for her latest movie. She's now a first time feature film director--and the star--of "Land," a serious drama set in some tough terrain.

"Land" is set in the wilds of the Rockies. Just why her character has decided to live off the land is unveiled as the film plays out.

"Land' was actually shot in Canada... and you see nature at its best, and its worst. Wright agreed when I said it looked at times beautiful, and miserable, difficult, challenging, and freezing.

"I think you nailed all of them," laughed Wright. "It definitely was challenging to deal with the unpredictable weather patterns that Alberta, Canada, delivers. But we actually had the film angels over outset because we only had 29 days to shoot the movie and we got all four seasons in those 29 days."

Demian Bichir plays a man who has a lot in common with the new friend he checks in on periodically to make sure she's okay. He loved working with Robin.

"It was an instant connection," said Bichir. "You know, when we started talking for the first time, when we had this meeting in her house, it was like, you know, as if I had my lost sister for many years, you know what I mean?"

"We were just going to talk about the movie and he said, 'I need to do this film," said Wright. "And I said, 'I don't know you but I feel you. You were born to do this role."
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