New documentary 'Rock Camp' shows how people can live out their music fantasies by playing with top musicians

Top musicians mentor students and fulfill dreams at 'Rock Camp;' new documentary shows what happens behind the scenes
HOLLYWOOD -- Ever imagine rocking out on a stage? Belting out your favorite song? Performing with music royalty? That's what you can do if you go to a camp just for folks who want to live out their music fantasies.

Now, some of their stories are captured in the new documentary, "Rock Camp." Legendary musicians have taken part in the program since its inception in 1996. Music producer David Fishoff is the man behind it. He knows how powerful this experience can be for those just doing it for fun...and those who hope for more.

"The people are joining tribute bands. They're writing songs. Their whole lives have changed," said Fishoff.

"Rock Camp" delves into some of those lives... and shows us the positive impact this program has on so many of its students. Imagine being able to sing with The Who's Roger Daltrey...Share the stage with KISS front man Gene Simmons... Or jam on guitar with Heart's Nancy Wilson, who says she loves inspiring others to follow their dreams.

"They're always saying to me, 'I never would have picked up a guitar had it not been for you.' So I think that's a cool thing," said Wilson.

"Once Nancy came to the camp, all of a sudden, the attendance of the women went to 50/50!" said Fishoff.

"There's a wonderful camaraderie that goes with the love of music and I think it's a joyful place to be," said Wilson.

Fishoff says when it comes to the musicians who mentor all these students, they're hooked after their first time at "Camp."

"They come back the second time because they enjoy it. And I think the basic thing is it reminds them what it was like when they first started," said Fishoff. "I love that they share this knowledge that they have."

Wilson also shared she has music coming out this spring; a new solo album called "You and Me."

"Rock Camp" is available now to view on demand.
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