United Kingdom police wearing fake Rolexes to lure robbers in high-end neighborhoods

Officers in the UK are wearing fake Rolex watches to catch watch gangs

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Thursday, January 18, 2024
Officers in the UK wear fake Rolex watches to catch watch gangs
Police in London are wearing fake Rolexes and walking through neighborhoods known for robberies to catch what they call "watch gangs."

LONDON (KABC) -- Undercover officers are now wearing fake Rolexes while out on patrol in London's popular West End.

They're baiting what they call Rolex watch gangs.

Gangs have stolen nearly $9 million worth of Rolex and other luxury brand watches in London over the past seven months.

Most of these robberies take place in high-end neighborhoods where in the last nine years, the number of Rolex crimes in the U.K. has doubled.