Undocumented student suffering medical condition gets accepted to Harvard

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- Getting accepted to Harvard University is impressive enough, but it's an even bigger accomplishment when you're an undocumented immigrant suffering from a serious medical condition.

For Rosa Vazquez, a little piece of paper that says she is accepted to Harvard University is her biggest dream coming true.

"It was almost like this culminating experience that everything I've ever gone through suddenly made sense - those moments I really doubted 'Why am I still fighting?' At that moment, everything was just worth it," she said.

Vazquez has had struggles in her life. She said she's always suffered from chronic migraines. Three years ago, Vazquez had to be hospitalized and was partially paralyzed, but she said her mom helped her through it.

Aside from her medical issues, Vazquez is undocumented. She said her mom spoke to her about that when she was a young girl, and at the time, she wasn't sure what it meant.

"She one time told me that I had to prove that I deserved to be here because I was undocumented and this was, like, elementary school," the high school student said. "So, all I knew is that I had to work hard."

Vazquez said she finds politics fascinating, and her ultimate goal is to go to Harvard Law School.

The inspiring student said she has a message for others out there who might be undocumented and have a dream.

"You don't need to be perfect to attain your dreams," she said. "You just need to want it enough to work hard enough to get there."
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