Girl, 7, visits Chicago on cross-country trip to hug police officers

CHICAGO -- A 7-year-old girl from Louisiana is on a mission to hug police officers in every state.


Rosalyn Baldwin met with members of the Chicago Police Department's mounted, bicycle and marine units as well as department command staff and Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham at Maggie Daley Park on Monday.

"Some people have been mean to them. I want to make them feel better," Rosalyn said.

"She's been asking me since the Baton Rouge shootings happened. She thought there was so much protesting, it was just - people need love. She says, 'Mom, it's about love. We need to love our officers,'" her mother, Angie Baldwin, said.

Her enthusiasm and gratitude is much appreciated.

"The police have been scrutinized lately. It's certainly nice to show that somebody cares about us and wants to tell us," Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Graham said.

"I have two kids at home, a boy and a girl. They tell me every day they love me. To have someone from so far away say the same thing just because I'm an officer truly meant a lot, it makes me happy," said Officer Michael Carroll, with the Chicago Police Department.

Rosalyn decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to hug officers in every state. Illinois was her 16th stop. They began their trip in January and plan to continue for many more months, eventually hitting Alaska and Hawaii.

You can follow along on Rosalyn's journey on her Facebook page, Rosalyn Loves.

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