Run, hide, fight: Protect yourself in an active shooter situation

Tragedy struck Friday when an active shooter opened fire at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, killing at least eight people.

Rick Coker with Top Gun Security shared some tips about what to do in an active shooter situation.

"That isn't the time to be a hero," he said.

Top Gun Security runs active shooter drills all over Texas. Director of Operations Rick Coker said that if you think through these scary scenarios ahead of time, you greatly increase your chance of survival. He spoke to ABC after a 2016 attack on the campus of The Ohio State University.

"You got three choices. You either run, hide or fight. Today's scenario, when you're outside and there are areas to run, that's the best thing. Escape. Get away. Move away from the threat."

"Sometimes you don't have a choice but to hide," added Top Gun Security founder and owner Jeff Moore. "But if they come to the room you're hiding in, you don't want to just roll over."

Moore said fighting is the last resort, and you don't stop until the threat is gone. Anything can be a weapon.

"Pretty much everybody carries a weapon with them all the time. It's a pen. It's a phenomenal weapon because once in the neck, break it off, we're done," said Coker.

As active shooter situations have increased over the last few years, so has Top Gun's business: from churches, private schools, and even hotels.

There are a few things they said you can install or keep around your own business to protect yourself in the event of an active shooter like panic buttons, surveillance cameras and a door bar.

They also said if you find yourself hiding in an active shooter/stabber situation, turn your phones off or on silent. And parents -- if this happens on your child's campus, wait for them to call you, because your phone call could give their position away.