San Dimas family finds swastikas burned into front yard

SAN DIMAS, Calif. (KABC) -- A San Dimas family was shaken Thursday night after they found swastikas burned into their front yard and street.

Homeowner Ted Ferris pointed out two swastikas that were burned into his artificial turf on Greenhaven Avenue.

The Ferris' are not Jewish. They have lived in the same house for more than 30 years but have never experienced anything like this before.

"When the police came out, they said that's not regular fire, that's acid," Ferris said.

Two other swastikas were also burned into the street around the same time and around the corner from the Ferris' place.

The vandalism is disturbing to neighbor Lisa Britt, who says her family has Jewish heritage.

"It's scary that people want to be hateful," she said.

Neighbors say police came by in search of surveillance video that might show the person or persons responsible.

Meanwhile, the Ferris' say they hope insurance will cover the $7,000 that it could cost to replace the damaged turf.

"What would I do if I found out? Choke him, that's polite," Ferris said.

The Ferris' said that because they are not Jewish, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is not treating this as a hate crime but instead treating it as a case of felony vandalism.
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