LA Sandwich Week features 100+ small businesses, helps Project Angel Food

Wells Fargo will donate $1 to Project Angel Food for every sandwich that is bought at a participating location.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021
LA Sandwich Week features 100+ businesses, helps Project Angel Food
Los Angeles Sandwich Week features over 100 sandwiches and small businesses in the county.

SILVER LAKE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Starting Monday, the first-ever Los Angeles Sandwich Week is happening in L.A. County. It's an effort to help celebrate and rediscover L.A. neighborhoods.

One of the spots participating is Yuca's in Los Feliz, known for their pork sandwiches.

"We are really grateful for the people that are now taking care of us. 'Cause it's been a hard road. We gave a lot. A lot of restaurants gave a lot to hospitals, fire departments and police," said Dora Herrera, owner of Yuca's.

The sandwich guide is free on and features more than 100 sandwiches and small businesses.

"During the pandemic we had noticed that a lot of our small businesses needed support. And previous to the pandemic, we had been leading food tours across the county. But, we couldn't do that anymore," said John Bwarie, founder of L.A. Sandwich Week. "So, we found a way that we could honor and celebrate those businesses."

The guide is a tool that will help sandwich lovers and small businesses, but Wells Fargo also stepped in to help during sandwich week.

"During this week we are going to be donating $1 for every sandwich that's purchased at a participating restaurant, up to $25,000. The funding is going to go to Project Angel Food," said Gregg Sherkin, a senior manager at Wells Fargo.

Project Angel Food is a nonprofit that helps feed people with serious illnesses.

"A year has gone by and 800 new people are on our program and we need to continue to fund them," said Richard Ayoub, executive director at Project Angel Food. "This money is going to go towards that."

Sandwich Week is happening from May 24 to May 31.

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