Fan gets incredible Christmas gift from the Seattle Seahawks

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014
One passionate Seattle Seahawks fan got a Superbowl worthy gift from his favorite NFL team.
Scott Eklund / AP

Alex Hughes got a Superbowl worthy Christmas gift from the Seattle Seahawks this year.

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The video above depicts Alex Hughes, a devout Seattle Seahawks fan who currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hughes travelled with a friend to Kansas City in November to see his Seahawks take on the Chiefs, according to KOMO News.

Following the game, Hughes and his friend went bar-hopping around Kansas City where the fan ended up getting heckled for his Seahawks attire. But one woman approached Hughes, asking "hey can I try on your jacket real quick?" and asked for a picture in it. The woman revealed herself to be acquainted with Seahawks running back Robert Turbin, according to KOMO News.

The woman messaged Hughes a week later on Instagram asking for his address. After three weeks of no contact from the woman, a package arrived at Hughes' home, with an autographed helmet of Seahawks' players. Check out Hughes' emotional reaction when he receives the helmet in the video above.