'Secret Society of Second Born Royals' sees second-born family members discovering superpowers, using them to protect the crown

In new Disney+ movie 'Secret Society of Second Born Royals', a group of teens learn being born a second child earns them superhero powers, and with that, great responsibility to keep their families safe.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020
Flying high with the 'Secret Society of Second Born Royals'
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Younger royal siblings discover they have superpowers while attending summer school; being part of the 'Secret Society of Second Born Royals' means their jobs are to defend royal families from evil forces.

HOLLYWOOD -- The new Disney+ movie "Secret Society of Second Born Royals" melds together two areas Disney does best: superheroes and princesses. We are introduced to a group of very special teenagers: They all happen to be the second children in their families.

And they are brought together to learn from their mentor, played by Skylar Astin.

"We always know the first born in a kingdom is in line for the throne, then there's the Prince Harry's of the world," said Astin. "In this case, our princes and princesses learn they have a special gene that gives them super human abilities."

Peyton Elizabeth Lee stars as Sam, a young woman who's been sent to a summer boarding school. It's there she meets other "second borns"; and they all learn not only do they have these abilities... they need to figure out how to manage those newfound powers.

"What makes them unique is a strength and not a weakness," said Lee. "It is my hope people see these characters harnessing their superpowers and realizing that is what is unique and different about each of us."

Niles Fitch plays Tuma, and says he hopes the movie helps viewers realize that everyone is born with a superpower: their own originality.

"You gotta accept people's differences, because differences are what make us, us," said Fitch.

The role makes Fitch Disney's first black, live action prince. He takes that bit of casting history seriously.

"To know that there will be some young boys who will be able to see me, and see themselves in me, that means the world to me," said Fitch.

"Secret Society of Second Born Royals" is playing now on Disney+.