New technology alerts driver when child is left in car seat

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- SensorSafe is a smart-chest clip attached to an Evenflo infant car seat that alerts the driver when an infant is still strapped into the seat.

Consumer Reports tested the technology that chimes when the car is turned off, and a child is still buckled in.

SensorSafe is activated when it is buckled, and the car is in motion. It communicates with a wireless receiver that plugs directly into the onboard diagnostic port of a car.

"If your car is model year 2008 or newer, the standard receiver will work, but if you have a hybrid vehicle or your car stops and starts when idling, you need to get the alternate receiver," explained Emily Thomas with Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports tested SensorSafe in 25 different vehicles. While it worked in most cars, it did not work in all of them.

"The SensorSafe technology isn't perfect yet, but it definitely shows the most promise. We believe that the best reminder technology is going to be one that's integrated either into your vehicle or into your child seat, and Evenflo has provided a solution," Thomas said.
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