Shaquille O'Neal video calls his neighbors to check up on them amid stay-at-home-orders

Leading by example in typical Shaq fashion, he joked with his neighbor and offered support during California's stay-at-home order.
Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal is making sure to take the time to reach out to his neighbors as many stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

After Gov. Gavin Newsom called on Californians to reach out to folks around them who may be having a hard time under the stay-at-home order, O'Neal heeded the advice and called one of his neighbors for an impromptu check-in.

"This is a neighbor checking on neighbor. Team effort. I just got to make sure you're okay, you know, if you need anything, just knock on the door. But I want you to be safe and I want you to stop partying at night, playing bingo," he joked with his neighbor.

State leaders are also urging people to reach out to a neighbor, reminding everyone that a simple action and some compassion can make all the difference in someone's life during these times.
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