Students who hope to have careers in the law compete in mock trial state finals

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Thursday, March 30, 2023
Future attorneys get a taste of the real courtroom
600 middle and high school students compete in the mock trial state finals. These future litigators receive real training in front of real judges.

DOWNTOWN L.A. (KABC) -- They are future litigators - receiving the best training possible in the courtroom!

We were there as 600 middle and high school students competed in the mock trial state finals.

"I'm the lawyer for the prosecution, I do the opening statement and then I do an examination," said Aiden Grimm, Flintridge Prep.

Grimm's experience has all been virtual. This time, he gets to step inside a Los Angeles courtroom.

"It makes it really real, it's more exciting, we've only ever done it on zoom," said Grimm. "I've only ever done mock trial because of covid on zoom."

The students traveled from 34 counties statewide to argue a hypothetical criminal case involving robbery and battery here at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, in front of real attorneys and judges.

"It's mock only for the kids, the judges are actually sitting judges and justices who volunteer their time after hours to do this," said Amanda Susskind, President, Constitutional Rights Foundation.

The winning team was from San Mateo County. They are now preparing to represent California at the national high school mock trial competition in Little Rock Arkansas.

Whether or not they won, these local students feel their months of preparation was all worth it.

"I think mock trial has taught me a lot of valuable communication skills and confidence skills especially," said Mina Durairaj, Flintridge Prep. "I think it's opened up a lot of possibilities on my future in college and beyond."