South Bay grocer remains competitive to meet new demands during coronavirus outbreak

Family-owned South Bay grocery store finds new ways to survive.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Grow keeps growing, ramping up South Bay delivery services
Grow keeps growing, ramping up South Bay delivery services

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Small business owners are being forced to adapt to meet new consumer demands amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Family-owned Grow, located in the South Bay, has figured out ways to survive.

"We were actually toying with closing the Manhattan Beach store down if things didn't really change around," said Barry Fischer, co-owner of Grow. "It was a very sleepy store, and that has now changed," Barry added.

Expanding from a curbside cherry stand to a brick-and-mortar shop, Grow has redefined its business by rethinking its delivery options.

"A lot of companies are really trying to beef up their delivery system," said Barry. "I think those people that have a delivery system in house are being more efficient than those who are using third-party services," Barry explained.

"We also have enough staff to take care of our shut-ins and our elderly, that are maybe not computer savvy. They call in and place their orders, and do curbside pickup or we just delivery to their homes," said Grow co-owner Kathy Fischer.

Grow is also lending a hand to other local businesses during their time of need.

"Other small vendors who are in farmer's markets who don't have that access anymore, and so, they've asking us to move more products, and we've stepped up and done that," said Barry.

Loyal customers have taken a moment to make employees feel appreciated.

"It's the letters, it's the notes on the orders, and everyone is so grateful, so we really appreciate that. That keeps us going," said Kathy.

Grow is already working to expand delivery services to its second location in Downtown Los Angeles.