Red Bull BC ONE Cypher held in Los Angeles for regional break dance title

Ronnie Abaldonado has been break dancing for 26 years. He is a coach, judge and competitor on Red Bull's BC One All Stars.

"Breaking definitely evolved from 30 years ago till now. It went international so there's breakers from all over the world," said Abaldonado.

Crew member Omar Delgado says he and Abaldonado learned to break on the street. And since L.A.'s got a strong community, breaking is going strong in many dance studios today.

"There's a saying - the West Coast is the best coast. California has some of the best breakers in the world," Abaldonado said.

But both veterans say there is a lot more to it than many think.

"When you're a kid and you start young you're willing to take more risks and you don't feel the pain as much as when you get a little older," said Delgado.

"We practice every day, we stay consistent with it. Constantly stretching and just being aware of your body and taking care of it," Abaldonado said.

Break dancing or Bronx dance from its origination has four main elements: hip-hop, DJ-ing, graffiti and breaking.

Some choreograph their routine while others freestyle.

"It's a moment when you get to be free. It's definitely an expression leading out your aggression, your energy, whatever it is you are going through. You use this physical dance to let all your negative energy out in a positive manner with music and dance environment," said Delgado.

L.A.'s got it own showdown. They expect about 500 to come and watch 80 to 100 breakers compete.

The big competition is April 27 in Los Angeles. There's actually eight spots still open available if you want to give that a try.

"We have eight invitees and eight open slots for people to qualify, so we'll have a total of 16 in this region and only one of them can advance to the nationals," said Abaldonado.

Now in its sixteenth year, the Red Bull BC ONE CYPHER starts noon Saturday, with a $10 admission fee.
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